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Create Restful Private Retreats in the Garden - Melisse & Co. Home

Create Restful Private Retreats in the Garden - Melisse & Co. Home

Create Peaceful and Restful Private Retreats in the Garden

When it comes to enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the garden, we asked ourselves: How can we create a space that allows us to relax, enjoy surrounding visual interest, as well as indulge in some private time? Well the answer is never straightforward and easy to explain, as every garden is unique and comes with it's own individual challenges.

We have found that with some creativity, it can be achieved. In this particular area for example, our goal was to create a nook that allows us to look further out while making it challenging for others to look in. We tucked the seating away in a curved path that makes it difficult for the eye to follow. However, we line the seating perimeter with sparse grown plants, creating a space that incites curiousity. This makes the garden feel adventurous, allowing peek around.

Here are some examples of how our garden nooks:

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